Born in Lima, Peru, and currently based in the United States, Eduardo’s wistful brand of acoustic pop is finding listeners all over the world. Influenced by everything from classic rock to the masterpieces he studied while earning his Master’s Degree in Literature, his songs are a combination of pensive humor, peaceful feelings, and thought provoking lyrics. Eduardo’s songs have a little something for everybody, and with his latest release, he is poised to reach his largest audience yet.

Eduardo honed his craft traveling and performing across America. Collaborating with a diverse range of artists, he steadily built up his repertoire, leading to the release of two well received albums and a live in-studio performance. His first major artistic breakthrough came with his 2018 EP ‘Rusty Strings.’ The six track compilation was widely played on college and commercial radio, and earned Eduardo a nomination from Toronto’s Independent Music Awards. One of the album’s stand out tracks, ‘La Farra’ was a winner of RadioAirplay's summer contest, while singles ‘Hole In The Wall’ and ‘Complacency’ were praised by the music press for their sunny vibes and engaging melodies.

In the Summer of 2020 he released a new single called 'Sunrise', and in 2021 Eduardo went back on the road. Early in 2022 Eduardo released the second single from his upcoming album, “Time Machine”. This single was picked up by college radio stations and saw high praises from independent music media such as Skope Magazine and the Indie Source, with one of the publications comparing the riff of the guitar to “ Something straight out of a Beatles or Beach Boys track” a comparison that blew Eduardo’s mind upon reading it as he is a big fan of both. This track also came with an acoustic version made available later. After releasing “Time Machine”, and managing time between being on the road and recording, Eduardo went back into the studio to finish what would become his new album “Cruising a Melody”. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Uertz in his studio in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the Audio Engineer for Blind Melon. The album is composed of ten tracks and was released in September of 2023.

Eduardo has already carved out a unique niche in the music world and proven to be as compelling a performer and writer as anyone in his genre. His songs inspire hope for a better tomorrow while reminding listeners to appreciate the present moment.  Eduardo’s story is just beginning, and there is no telling how far his music will take him.