Hailing from Lima, Peru, and currently residing in the United States, Eduardo crafts a heartfelt blend of acoustic pop that resonates with audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of musical influences, spanning from classic rock to the literary masterpieces he explored during his pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Literature, Eduardo's music is a tapestry of reflective wit, serene sentiments, and thought-provoking lyricism. With each song, Eduardo offers a little something for everyone, and with his latest release, he stands poised to captivate his largest audience yet.

Eduardo's journey as a musician unfolded through travels and performances across America. Collaborating with a diverse range of artists, he steadily expanded his repertoire, leading to the creation of two acclaimed albums and a live in-studio performance. His breakthrough moment arrived with the release of his 2018 EP ‘Rusty Strings,’ which garnered significant airplay on both college and commercial radio, earning him a nomination from Toronto’s Independent Music Awards. Among its standout tracks, ‘La Farra’ emerged victorious in RadioAirplay's summer contest, while singles ‘Hole In The Wall’ and ‘Complacency’ were lauded by music critics for their uplifting vibes and catchy melodies.

In the summer of 2020, Eduardo unveiled a new single titled 'Sunrise,' followed by a return to touring in 2021. Early in 2022, he dropped the second single from his forthcoming album, “Time Machine,” which quickly gained traction on college radio stations and received accolades from independent music media such as Skope Magazine and the Indie Source. One publication even likened the guitar riff to "something straight out of a Beatles or Beach Boys track," a comparison that left Eduardo in awe, given his admiration for both bands. The single also included an acoustic version released later. After the success of “Time Machine,” Eduardo balanced life on the road with studio sessions to complete his latest album, “Cruising a Melody.” Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jamie Uertz at his studio in Atlanta, Georgia, the album comprises ten tracks and was unveiled in September 2023.

Eduardo has already carved out a distinctive niche in the music landscape, showcasing himself as a compelling performer and songwriter within his genre. His songs serve as beacons of hope for a brighter future while urging listeners to savor the present moment. As Eduardo's musical odyssey unfolds, the possibilities for his artistic journey are boundless, promising an exciting trajectory ahead.

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