“Notes of Inspiration: The Music of Eduardo””

Hollywood Digest

“Good Vibrations! The Musical Journey of Eduardo””

Nashville Music Guide

“Eduardo’s wistful brand of acoustic pop is finding listeners all over the world.””

The Morning Dish Steven Phillips and The Morning Dish

“Eduardo, a Peruvian-born singer/songwriter, has released the single “Sunrise”. Now based in the United States, his modest song has a warm, acoustic guitar bed and verse repeating in his charming tune. Listeners will love the story telling and his mesmerizing voice.””

Music existence

“Sunrise is a track that is full of heart. It creates a gentle atmosphere that projects a sense of ease not found in most mainstream music today.””

Review Fix

“We at IndiePulse Music Magazine have to agree. It is with incredible talent and an inquisitive, gentle soul that Eduardo was become a defined storyteller lyricist.””


“Infusing a carefree attitude into music that also thrives on powerful messages that encourage listeners to ponder what’s going on in the world around them isn’t always an easy feat. But the Lima, Peruvia-born singer-songwriter, Eduardo, who also performs under the stage name Brown Kid, has stunningly done just that on his latest single, ‘Sunrise.’””


“And that’s the charm of Rusty Strings—it’s as comfortable as it is comforting.””

Stereo Embers Magazine

““The lightness of the mood works well and you leave the project feeling as if everything will be OK. What’s not to like about that? An EP easily worth a listen in full.”””

Stereo Stickman

“Eduardo’s Sunrise””

Americana Rhythm Magazine

Shares Talent, Calming Tone, And Relaxed Style, On EP Rusty Strings”

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