“Time Machine” is a single seemingly unstuck in time, with its timeless composition style and instrument-forward performance style put up against a slim picking of contemporary peers. Eduardo’s entire performance on the single feels like someone who has made themselves a student of the art of rock from fifty years past far more than looking at current radio trends, and that alone explains why the song has such an eternal appeal.”

The Indie Source

From its first moments, Eduardo's latest single Time Machine lives up to its name. The throwback rock ’n’ roll riff from the guitar feels like something straight out of a Beatles or Beach Boys track, and the lightweight chorus interwoven with lyrics that pack a punch are like something that feels as if it could have only been possible fifty-plus years ago. It’s a rare single to get in today’s release cycle, and that makes it all the more special.”


"Time Machine is a send-up to everything I love about classic rock ’n’ roll. It’s got a sugar-sweet melody, a shredding guitar solo, and, most importantly, real instruments. It feels like a track far more into the idea of paying homage to Paul McCartney than modern rock acts such as Queens of the Stone Age, and the confidence of appealing to older sensibilities and stylistic choices makes the track incomparable in a modern sense. "” - Michael Stover

Music Existence

Eduardo’s “Time Machine” is looking to be a big release for the growing artist.”

Indie Band Guru

“Notes of Inspiration: The Music of Eduardo””

Hollywood Digest

“Good Vibrations! The Musical Journey of Eduardo””

Nashville Music Guide

“Eduardo’s wistful brand of acoustic pop is finding listeners all over the world.””

The Morning Dish Steven Phillips and The Morning Dish

“Eduardo, a Peruvian-born singer/songwriter, has released the single “Sunrise”. Now based in the United States, his modest song has a warm, acoustic guitar bed and verse repeating in his charming tune. Listeners will love the story telling and his mesmerizing voice.””

Music existence

“Sunrise is a track that is full of heart. It creates a gentle atmosphere that projects a sense of ease not found in most mainstream music today.””

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“We at IndiePulse Music Magazine have to agree. It is with incredible talent and an inquisitive, gentle soul that Eduardo was become a defined storyteller lyricist.””