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2023 Starting with new dates and a new album in the near future 

2023 is starting with the announcement of new shows! I will be making my rounds around the Southeast, and going back out west to Souther Cali in the summer. Keep an eye out for dates as they come in, but you can see the banner below and come by if you are around. Also, a big thank you to all the venues and can't wait to meet all of you.

New album: Starting the process of completing my latest album. I'm very excited to share it with you, and I will be keeping everyone in my email list updated on artwork, and release dates. So be sure to sign up for my email list. Just click here and put in your information. While you wait for the new music, you can always stream my tunes on my website or a media platform. All links available here


Year wrap up. Last shows of the year. 

Hello everyone. I've had a great run this year. I wanted to reach out to thank everyone that came out to check out a show, bought some merchandise, or just met up with me for a bit. I visited 17 cities in all and I wanted to send some love to the venues and festivals that gave me an opportunity as well. My new single "Time Machine" got some radio play and I got to do some interviews. All of that is posted on my website. Just click here.

Taking November off, but have some shows lined up for December. Click here and head over to my website to check out places and times.



Radio interview, Summer shows, and more! 

Finally got sometime to send out some updates. Have some pretty cool stuff coming up. Hope to see ya!

On the radio: I was interviewed by Kenny Graves from KBUS Radio a few days ago. We spoke of my new single “Time Machine”, How I got started playing music, and a lot of other things. Check out the interview here 

Shows: The year is filling up with shows. I have been booked for the dates below. I’m still waiting to hear back from other venues. Don’t miss out by following me on Bandsintown or check my website. You can also save my linktree link. It’s a one stop shop for all my streaming links, and social media. 


Free Music: All songs in my website are free for streaming, and downloading. Click here to start jamming. Everything is in there. including stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. So come by if you don’t subscribe to a streaming platform.  


Thanks for your support! 


New reviews for Time Machine. Out May 18th. 

Hello. I want to share some new reviews for Time Machine. Coming out in 5 days.  Cheers! 

“A very lovely blend of 90s and classic rock with some awesome production and vocals.” 

“Cool guitar riff before it opens up into the main melody of the song!” 

“The song is a good arranged composition with a great instrumentation and sound, especially the guitar riffs are very cool. I like the lyrics and the vocal-line” 

“That is a powerful opening riff!” 

“This is giving me a bit of an early 90s college rock vibe.” 

Pre-save the new single on Spotify, just follow the link below.

Pre-save new single "Time Machine" on Spotify and SoCal shows 

You can now pre-save my new single “Time Machine”. Out May 18. Just follow this link

West coast shows: I will be performing two shows in Los Angeles on May 15th and 19th. Click here to see places and times. 

A little about the new song "Time Machine". I’ve always been fascinated by how music can take you back in time. I wanted to write a song that communicated this, and showed how this happened people’s mind when they heard a song that reminded them of falling in love, being angry, or just brought someone to mind. The message of Time Machine is that there is nothing wrong with re-living the past through a song, but also that it's important to come back, and move forward. 

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New single "Time Machine" out May 18TH 

Hey guys! I wanted to reach out with some great news. I have a new single coming out in May 18th I’m super excited. So mark your calendars, it will be available through every streaming platform. I have also posted more pictures of the session in Nashville, were the track was recorded. Many thanks to Rod for taking some pictures, and Scotty for the help with the track and the drums. You can check out some of Rod’s work on Instagram @treemeisterfilms and Scotty’s @HouseFire Love on Facebook. 


Click here to check out the pictures. 

Thanks for your continuing support and check out links below for more! 


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Last show of the year, New merch, Christmas list and more! 

Hey guys. I wanted to welcome our new subscribers and update you on some things that will be happening before the end of the year. The track “Christmas List” is available through any music outlet, so give it a spin. Links below for my Spotify, Apple Music and more. It’s also available for free download at the website. Just click here. 

The last show that I have booked for 2021 is at the Hard Rock in Pigeon Forge, TN. I consider myself very lucky to have played 15 different venues all throughout the Southeast this year, and wanted to thank those of you that came out and attended. 

We have new merch available. Including shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers. If you are still shopping for Christmas, come by the store! Link to store here 

I have also uploaded exclusive video for you guys, from back in April when I played at a songwriters show in Nashville. Props to my bud Rodrigo for filming this performance. He has a page for his video projects. Check him out in Instagram @treemeisterfilms. Click here to watch 

Thanks for your continuing support and check out links below for more! 


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New Release and Songwriter Fest 

I Just finished all my dates for the Summer and Fall and I had a blast. Many thanks to everyone that came out. It was so great to get back on the road, and to travel all around the Southeast. I also want to thank those of you who have given my new release, the piano instrumental version to Love Elation, a spin. I’m also happy that it has been added to some playlists and it’s available for streaming in all platforms. See below for links 

These are some of the Spotify Playlists that have added the track. 

Calm Morning Instrumentals and Relaxing Piano Music 

The next show that I have is in October 15th-17th, and it be will for the Opelika Songwriter Festival. Time and day TBD. I'm really excited to be part of this great event. Tickets are still on sale if you are interested. You can also check out some of the artists that will take part in this event by checking out the festival's Spotify playlist. They were kind enough to include three of my tracks “Sunrise” La Farra” and “And So..” 

Thanks for your continuing support and check out links below for more! 


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New dates, merch and release.  

New dates. I will be playing some shows in August, September, October. There are some pending, so be sure to follow me on social media or Bandsintown or Songkick and never miss a show. Click on the graphic for more 

New Merch. We have new merch available. Celebrating the single Sunrise we have a new “Sunrise Lyric” shirt and also a new one called “songwriter”. Click on graphic to check it out  

New release in August. I’m putting out a piano melody instrumental version of the track Love Elation. I released Love Elation in February for Valentine’s Day, this will be a piano version of that tune. You can listen and download it for free early, exclusively on my website. Click here. 

Thanks for your continuing support!