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"It's like putting 2 bucks in your tip jar once a month, no matter where you play." As one of my subscribers to my website put it. You too can do the same by joining me on Patreon or Subscribe to my website. Just follow these links.
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Dates: Just started with dates for 2023 and more are coming. Make sure you guys sign up to my social media to keep updated and see if you can come and check out a show. 

New Merch. You can purchase the Rusty Strings, in Cd form, direct from our store section. Yes, people still listen to these believe it or not. Also, if you would like it signed just put it in the comments part when purchasing. Sadly, we are currently sold out of "The Unknown" album. On another note, I have some new stickers coming soon! So keep a look out.
Thank you guys for your continuing support! 

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