Quotes from different publications on new single Sunrise

Since Sunrise was released a few publication have been kind enough to take some time to review it. See below for what they have said, and thanks for the continuing support! - Eduardo

“Sunrise” is a simple song in a number of ways. It’s not the most technically impressive thing I have heard recently but the melody is catchy, the production is good and the song feels like something that anyone no matter what age might enjoy.” Divide and Conquer

“Eduardo, a Peruvian-born singer/songwriter, has released the single “Sunrise”. Now based in the United States, his modest song has a warm, acoustic guitar bed and verse repeating in his charming tune. Listeners will love the story telling and his mesmerizing voice.” - Music existence

“Sunrise is a track that is full of heart. It creates a gentle atmosphere that projects a sense of ease not found in most mainstream music today.” - Review Fix

“We at IndiePulse Music Magazine have to agree. It is with incredible talent and an inquisitive, gentle soul that Eduardo was become a defined storyteller lyricist.” - IndiePulse

“With “Sunrise,” Eduardo delivers cashmere layers of sonic beauty traveling on a soft undulating rhythm, topped by his entrancing voice.” - Tattoo.com

“Once that sun is up, anything is possible is the viewpoint I encountered in “Sunrise”.” - Indie Source

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